Why Is Turkey Widely Chosen for Hair Transplant?

why is turkey widely chosen for hair transplant

Turkey boasts its world-class medical facilities and a highly talented staff of experienced medical professionals who perform state-of-art hair restoration. For health tourism Turkey has invested immensely in the most up-to-date medical technology and medical equipment, sophisticated clinics and hospitals to give patients the most advanced treatment options. Turkish clinics offer quality service for lower prices compared to other countries without compromising quality. Patients get a superior care and treatment for a fraction of the cost of the same surgery in Europe and North America.

Similar to other treatments, when it comes to an advanced hair transplant Turkey offers immense options. Geographically, Turkey’s eminence can be well explained as the country is easily accessible from all parts of the world, as numerous airlines offer direct flights to Istanbul and other major Turkish cities. Patients not only return to their country fully satisfied with their hair transplant results but also had the chance to discover a welcoming and hospitable culture. The country also offers foreigners many sightseeing options with its rich history and cultural heritage, providing patients with a lifetime experience that goes beyond mere therapy.

why is turkey for hair transplant

Steps in Hair Transplant

Here are the steps for hair transplant in Turkey:

  1. It starts with medical consultation with an experienced practitioner. Medical history of the patient is collected.
  2. After doctor schedules the transplantation, hotel accommodation is booked. Many clinics offer hotel accommodation as well as flight tickets within their health package.
  3. On the scheduled day, patient gets a painless transplant. Local anesthesia ensures patient’s comfort. Even watching TV or using your phone is allowed during procedure. Painkillers are prescribed to avoid pain after surgery.
  4. The day after the procedure is free. Patient can use this opportunity to visit historic and touristic places. He should follow the aftercare instructions of the doctor.
  5. A follow-up medical consultation is arranged. Doctor will check whether the recovery phase is on its track.

What is the Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Hair transplant surgery in Turkey is very budget friendly. In the US and Europe, a typical hair transplant surgery costs between $7,000 and $25,000. Whereas in Turkey, the cost of a hair transplant ranges between $1,500 and $7,000 depending on the services offered with the treatment package., hair transplantation in Turkey is significantly more affordable than in other European countries.

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Overall of Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey

The clinics in Turkey mostly offer all-inclusive package. Besides treatment, services such as flight, accommodation, translation and aftercare prescription are also included in the package. It will cost $7.000 maximum if all-inclusive package is chosen.

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