Why Do So Many Men Go To Turkey For Hair Transplants?

why do so many men go to turkey for hair transplants

Turkey received around one million tourists coming for hair transplant in 2022. They spent approximately 2 billion $ for hair transplant. Turkey has been the prime destination for hair tourists in the world due to quality service for competitive price. The tourists not only receive health services but also take the chance to discover touristic attractions in Turkey.

As being the prime medical tourism centre in the world, Turkey has been among the most popular destination for hair tourists. Turkish clinics gained good reputation thanks since they offer affordable hair transplant. Foreign patients can also enjoy all-inclusive treatment that covers accommodation, travel, treatment and translation services. The overall expenses, however, will be so much lower than those encountered in other countries. Turkey has lower cost of living but the services offered by clinics competes with their alternatives in advanced countries.

Why Does Turkey Do So Many Hair Transplants?

Turkey is preferred by tourists due to a couple of factors. Firstly, Turkish clinics and practitioners have good reputation over their quality service. More and more foreigners return to their home satisfied and advise their friends for good value for money. Secondly, devalued local currency allow foreigners to receive affordable services. While hair transplantation costs between 1.500-2.000 euros in Turkey, the same treatment costs between 8.000-10.000 euros in Europe. Last but not the least, Turkey is viewed also as a close holiday destination by foreigners especially in Europe.

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Why Men Everywhere Are Going To İstanbul For Hair Transplants?

İstanbul’s popularity among hair tourists owes to lots of factors. The all-inclusive concept of state-of-art clinics lures foreigners. Flights, transfers, accommodation, and treatment is offered together by the clinics. The technology of the clinics is kept up-to-date while the comfort of the patients is of high priority. Furthermore, the foreigners take this chance to visit worldly-renowned touristic spots in the city which served as capital in Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Cheap shopping malls, unique sight-seeing venues and warm hospitality are the source of attraction for foreigners.

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Why Men Everywhere Are Going To Ankara For Hair Transplants?

Turkey’s capital city Ankara is located in the middle of the country. Thanks to its central position in the map, tourists can go anywhere in a short while from Ankara. Esenboğa Airport in the city also enjoys being as a national and global hub for air flights. There are direct flights to and from cities all around the world in Esenboğa Airport. Aside from geographical advantages, Ankara hosts renowned hair transplant clinics for their quality service and cutting-edge capabilities. Practitioners receive thorough education in reputable universities in Ankara. It is no coincidence that satisfaction from the result of hair transplantation is so high among patients receiving treatment in Ankara.

Is Hair Transplant Worth It In Turkey?

Turkish clinics generally prefer follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. This technique is accepted as safe and effective in the world as well. Hair roots are extracted from the donor area and transplanted to the areas where shedding occurs. The number of grafts depends on the scale of hair loss.

It is wise to prefer affordable hair transplant options when the quality remains the same with expensive alternatives. Hair transplantation clinics offer good value for money service. The doctors enjoy good reputation among foreign tourists and international community. In the hands of Turkish practitioners, patients are treated with great precision and return to their homeland so satisfied. It is no coincidence that hair tourists’ common buzzword in internet is cheap FUE hair transplant turkey.

The lower cost of hair transplant has been enabled with the devalues Turkish currency over foreign currencies. This makes the cost of living in Turkey lower than in developed countries. The lower cost of treatment does not compromise the quality of service in Turkish clinics. Doctors in Turkey receive a disciplined training in the reputable schools. A fresh graduate medicine student has all the requisite skills before conducting his or her first surgery.

Turkey is expected to increase in the number of hair tourists as the reputation of Turkish clinics continue to grow. There has been a common perception in international community that Turkey has become a global hub for medical tourists including hair transplant patients.

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