When Can You Get a Hair Cut After Hair Transplant?

when can you get a hair cut after hair transplant

To get a haircut after hair transplantation, the person should wait for at least 10 days. In this process, all swelling and scabs in the transplanted area need to be completely healed. The edema (water under the skin) creates swelling on the scalp and therefore the person who has had a hair transplant should protect his head. After the swelling, scabs, and scars are completely healed, the new hair can be cut, or even clippers can be used. After the operation, the person does not feel anything on the scalp for a while. This process takes between 5 and 10 days on average. A haircut is not recommended until the feeling on the scalp begins.

Can Transplanted Hair Be Shaved?

Yes, the transplanted area can be shaped as the individual wishes after the recommended time has passed. Hair transplantation does not create an abnormal condition for the hair, or the transplanted hair does not feel different from old hair. After the hair grows long enough, it can be shaped as desired, as long as the individual looks after his hair healthy, there is no extra oiliness or shedding in the hair.

How Long After the Hair Transplant Can I Use Clippers?

In order to use a clipper for the newly transplanted hair area, first of all, there must be no wounds or scars on the scalp, the person must be able to feel his or her scalp and the recommended time must have passed. The scalp is very sensitive for the first 10 days after surgery, and a person should have his hair washed by his doctor every day. After the person consults with his doctor, if there is no anomaly, clippers can be used for the newly transplanted area.

What Is Not Allowed After a Hair Transplant?

  • Swimming.
  • Smoking.
  • Drinking alcohol.
  • High-impact exercise.
  • Washing your hair for the first 2 days.
  • Sweating for the first 5 days.
  • Scratch scalp.
  • Cutting hair for the first 10 days.
  • Any touch that can cause damage to the transplanted area.
  • Using razor or clippers for transplanted areas for the first 10 days.

How Long Until Hair Grafts Are Secure?

After 5-10 days, hair grafts begin to be safe. Hair grafts are very sensitive at first and any touch to this area can cause intense pain for the person. In order to prevent new wounds from forming, the area where the hair is transplanted should be kept secured.

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