Does Hair Transplantation Work? Hair Transplant Success Rates

does hair transplantation work

Yes, hair transplantation can work for people who experience hair loss or baldness. If the person meets all the necessary criteria, hair transplantation is successful at a rate of 95% to 99%. The success rate depends on the skill of our doctors. However, there are some cases where a person cannot have a hair transplant. If the person meets all the criteria determined by our doctors, the success rate is very high. In some cases, anomalies may occur and donors transplanted from other parts of the patient’s body may not be exceptionally suitable. Doctors also examine and test the donor hair follicles to be transplanted in order to prevent such anomalies.

The reason why hair transplantation operations are between 95-99% in our clinic is due to the tests performed on the person’s health and hair. In order to have hair transplantation, first of all, the person who will have hair transplantation should not experience complete baldness and hairlessness. Then the hair follicles (graft) to be transplanted are examined and tested in laboratories. After it is determined that the person does not have another disease, we have very high success rates thanks to our talented doctors.

How Is Hair Transplant Successful?

  1. Make sure that the person who will have hair transplantation is at least 24 years old and does not have any diseases that are not transmitted through blood, such as Hepatitis C and HIV.
  2. It is examined where to get donor hair follicles for hair transplantation.
  3. Samples are taken from these hair follicles and tested.
  4. Doctors make sure that the person will not experience any anomalies by performing blood test and skin test.
  5. Doctors pay attention to the eating and drinking patterns of the person who will have the surgery before the operation.
  6. Doctors with many years of experience in surgeries carefully transplant thousands of hair follicles to the patient one by one.
  7. Medication is applied for scabs and edema that will occur on the patient’s scalp.
  8. The scalp of the patient is washed by the doctor with special intervention in the first 5 days after the surgery.
  9. The patient is informed about what the patient should not do for a certain period time after the surgery. (Smoking and alcohol consumption, swimming, doing extreme sports, etc.)
  10. Doctors examine the person’s scalp repeatedly until the last control days and make sure that there is no problem.

Thanks to all these steps, people who come to our clinic for hair transplantation can have healthy hair again, with a success rate of 95-99%.

turkey for hair transplant

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How Successful is Hair transplant in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the countries with the best doctors and clinics in the world for hair transplantation. The success rate of hair transplantation in our clinic is between 95 and 99 percent.

Is Hair Transplant 100% Successful?

No, no professional clinic can give a patient a 100% success rate. This is because there is always the possibility that an unobservable situation will happen out of control even if it is very unlikely. The most important thing is to approach the patient by considering these risks. The reason why we are so confident in hair transplantation in our clinic is our experienced doctors for many years and the care we show for the patient.

What is The Failure Rate For Hair Transplant?

The failure rate is less than 1-2% in hygienic clinics working with a professional team like us. In non-professional clinics, this rate can reach up to 30%. For this reason, the clinic should be thoroughly investigated before hair transplantation, and it should be ensured that the doctors are reliable.

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Is it Possible For a Hair Transplant To Not Work?

Yes, there is a possibility that hair transplantation will not work. Even in cases where all the tests are positive, there may be an unobservable condition in the patient’s body, and even if the patient’s hair transplant surgery is performed without any problems, a problem may be observed in the future, which is a very low percentage.

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