Are Hair Transplants in Turkey Cheap?

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Hair transplant procedure requires expertise and experience. So choosing the best clinic for attaining your goal is very crucial. But, cost of receiving a quality service in this medical field is so dear. The clinics all around the world may charge high price for their treatment. Luckily Turkish clinics are exception for this trend. The Turkish clinics pioneer hair transplant technology and keep the price of their service at affordable range. That’s why the buzzword of hair tourists in internet is cheap FUE hair transplant turkey nowadays.

The unique status of Turkey in terms of affordability is expected to continue in future. Turkish government is determined to keep the local currency devalued. The cost of living is stabilized with the low prospects of stronger Turkish Lira. So foreign tourists should not worry about the affordability issues in Turkey.

Why Are Hair Transplants In Turkey So Cheap?

It is fairly affordable to get hair transplant in Turkey compared to many other countries. In recent years, Turkish government pursues a policy of devalued local currency to boost exports and gain competitive edge in global trade. This has spill-over effects in medical tourism as well. The cost of hair transplant ranges between 1.500-2.000 $ in Turkey. Whereas the same procedure is no lower than 4.000$ in countries such as USA or European countries. The affordable hair transplant alternatives in Turkey does not compromise any quality of service as well. There are more than 500 hair transplant clinics in Turkey and most of them use most up-to-date techniques such as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure and pioneer technology in this particular field.

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What is the Average Cost of Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

The average quantity of transplanted hair is 4000 grafts. Considering that it costs 1.500-2000$ to have transplant in Turkish clinics, a single graft transplant costs as low as 0.50$ in Turkey. As stated earlier, the devalued currency enables low cost of labour and rents in Turkey. These factors allow affordable hair transplant exclusively in Turkey.

Other popular destinations for hair transplantations such as South Korea or Thailand cannot compete with Turkey in price. Hair tourists need to spend around 8.000$ in the former and 5.000$ in the latter. Overall, it is between 3 to 25 times cheaper to receive hair transplantation in Turkey than many other countries.

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Turkey as Affordable Option for Hair Transplant

For foreigners, receiving a hair transplant does not only consist of treatment. The bill also includes costs such as flight, accommodation and local transportation. As a result, hair tourists look for treatment within their budgetary limits. It is not surprising that Turkey tops the choice hair tourists to get treatment at a reasonable cost. Since more and more foreigners come back to their country satisfied with their results, the reputation of Turkish clinics continue to grow.

The quality of service in Turkish clinics owes to unique facts. It is rare in the world that people receive a universal health coverage as citizens in Turkey. This enabled spread of hospitals and clinics all around the country. The number of doctors per citizens is also high in Turkey compared to even developed nations. Extensive health services and presence of large number of doctors contributed to the advance in medical technology which has drawn the attention of medical tourists abroad.

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